Reality Check: 'Subtle' Corporate Sponsorships To Get Even More In-Your-Face

• New laws regarding tv sponsorship to threaten the sanctity of Project Runway's TRESemme hair salon and the American Idol judges' ungodly consumption of Coca Cola. (AP)

• Perez Hilton mocks Heidi's plans to record a Christian album...and never mind that he attended church with Speidi just last weekend. (Perez Hilton)

• "Gossip Guy" Ed Westwick (who plays the character of "Chuck the sometimes-date rapist" on the show) gets real about his so-called bromance with male co-star Chace Crawford. (E! Online)

• And in not at all surprising news, a new reality show on speed-eating has appropriately been christened ..."Hurl!" (Mollygood)