Hot Topic: Is Legally Blonde Taking Drama To A New High...Or Low?

Last week, after I posted a sneak preview of tonight's all-new Legally Blonde, a bunch of you expressed some concerns about this week's challenge, (in which the girls are forced to critique one another and decide which Elle wannabes still have their work cut out for them). And while behind-the-scenes drama seems par for the course in Reality TV Showland, some of you Broadway buffs seem to think it's over the line. Or, as commenter "Mike in CA" puts it:

"Ultimately, this show is about casting a leading role on Broadway. The judges can tell for themselves who the weakest singer/dancer/actor is in the group–asking the girls to determine this amongst themselves is just trying to stir a pot that doesn’t need to be stirred."

What do the rest of you think? Is all fair in love and reality television? Or should the LB powers that be leave the judging up to, well, the judges?