Expert Picks: Taeko, Take Two

Each week after America's Best Dance Crew, representatives from Season One's top teams will be making the call on who's got staying power. Fysh n Chicks' Taeko koi sounds off here:

So my two picks for this week are Fanny Pak and Super Cr3w. Super Crew is really, really, really freaking good, but honestly, Fanny Pak is way cleaner, and there is never a moment where one person looks different from anyone else in the crew. Super Cr3w definitely has their moments where they're not quite as together as they should be. Also, Fanny Pak's choreography is much more complex than Super Cr3w's (but then of course Super Cr3w has more tricks and the classic old-school hip-hop vibe). Still... the last time I checked the name of the show, it was America's Best DANCE Crew... not HIP-HOP crew or TRICKS crew.

No doubt breaking is one of the first forms of hip-hop dance, and if being the best hip-hop crew was the competition, I would def be voting Super Cr3w No. 1... but it's not. This show is about being the best DANCE crew -- there is no specific type of dance style attached to it. Fanny Pak is the newest, most original, inventive, and cleanest crew there!