Which MTV Reality Stars Have It MADE...Part 2

After watching the MADE marathon last weekend, I got to thinking: Which of my favorite MTV characters would I most like to see in an extended makeover montage? The top 2 picks (along with projected plotlines, long-winded explanations and predictions for the obligatory “I Want To Quit” moment) to follow.

Who’s Got It MADE: Amanda Lorber from The Paper

Hypothetical Premise: The always-opinionated Amanda gets MADE…into a silent film star.

Why It Totally Works: Amanda's never had a problem expressing herself, whether it's through writing, bursting inappropriately into song or having one-on-one convos with her therapist/dog. But she's not exactly known for being the "strong, silent type." Which is why she's ready for the ultimate challenge: channeling her boundless energy into a character who doesn't sing, cry, whine, complain, lecture...or even speak. At all.

The “I Want To Quit” Moment: Amanda suffers a major setback after her MADE coach warns her that Alex, Trevor and Giana will all be attending the premiere of her silent movie, "Fermez La Bouche."

Find out what happens when Butt-head (of Beavis and Butt-head "fame") gets MADE...after the jump.

Who’s Got It MADE: Butt-head (a.k.a. The Brown-Haired One from Beavis and Butt-Head)

Hypothetical Premise:The potty-mouthed (but always-animated) Butt-Head gets MADE…into a late night talk show host.

Why It Totally Works: A lifelong non-conformist, Butt-head's never been afraid to speak his mind. And while most of what he has to say is inappropriate, inarticulate and, well, incorrect, he prides himself on being an equal-opportunity offender. But will a not particular clever slacker (whose best one-liner is "Uhhhh......yeah") be able to cut it on late night? Hey, if Jimmy Kimmel can do it, anyone can.

The “I Want To Quit” Moment: Butt-head is reprimanded by his MADE coach by referring to his first guest, an Oscar award-winning actress, as a "slut." Meanwhile, he's disappointed to learn that his braces aren't going over well with test audiences (who also accuse him of being "overly gummy") and that he's been signed up for voice lessons to "help correct that lisp."

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