Breaking: Whitney Port To Star In Totally Fake Hills Spinoff

OMG, did you hear there's going to be a new Hills spinoff? And you'll never guess who's supposedly starring in it... Whitney Port (a.k.a. the very same girl who just finished telling Social Life magazine how much she loves keeping her private life private). OK, sure, the whole thing sounds kinda farfetched, but it's all over the internet so it must be true... right?

Sigh. Come on people, if you're going to invent a spinoff rumor, at least show a little creativity! How about a music documentary about Justin Bobby starting his own hair band? Or maybe a new super-cheesy dating show hosted by Brody Jenner? Or, my personal fave, an upcoming Animal Planet spinoff series starring LC's new pup? (Tentative title: "The Hills Presents: Life With Chloe, The Puppy Perspective on the Lo/Audrina Feud.")

But seriously, if there ever were a Hills spinoff, who do you think should star in it? Speidi? Audrina? Brent Bolthouse?? Tell us which character you think deserves their own star-launching vehicle.