In Honor Of The Birthday Girl, We Bring You The Best Of Real World's Brianna

Yesterday, we discovered that today (May 30th) was Brianna's 21st birthday! So in honor of this momentous occasion, I've decided to post my all-time favorite Brianna moments from this season of the Real World. Here they are, in no particular order:


The Outfit Brianna (Almost) Wore To Court. Thank goodness for Will! If it weren't for his tactful intervention ("You're not going to, you know, a roller skating rink") Bri might've sauntered into her courtroom arraignment wearing hotpants and a cleavage-baring top. In the end, the top stayed on, but she traded in the hotpants for actual-pants. Our verdict? Next time, go with something from the suit or modest pencil skirt family...not the skintight micro-mini shorts. Case closed. (Click here to watch it all over again).


The First Time Bri Brought Jojo Home. Does anybody else have Jojo's white, unzipped tracksuit jacket emblazoned in their minds? How about the phrases "I don't believe in shirts...or undergarments" and "You have a gun for a belt buckle?!" (which was followed by the clever retort, "Yeah, 9-inches, fully loaded.") For some, these moments -- and the fact that the guy's nickname is "Hoho" -- might be considered deal-breakers. For Bri, however, this uncomfortable meet-the-roommates "lovefest" was just the beginning. (Click here for the video flashback, starting at around the 2:55 mark.)


The "Let's Not Get Ghetto" Incident. This now-infamous scene between Brianna and Kim not only brings up awkward-but-important race relations issues but it also enables Bri to showcase her favorite outfit: the body-hugging lycra onesie. Memorable lines include Kim screeching "Knock me out!" "Where's your pole?" and the eponymous zinger, "Let's not get normal." (Relive it again right here).

Anything I left out? Sound off and let me know which Bri moment you think should have made the cut.