Five Things You Never Knew About Brianna From Watching Her On the Real World


1. She does an amazing Kim impression involving Southern twang and the repeated use of the word "ghetto."

2. She has a new self-titled, alternative-pop album coming out on June 3rd. (And, according to Brianna, it's going to "kick a--.")

3. She has put a surprising amount of time, energy and thought into recognizing the distinction between being "real," being "blunt" and being "rude."

4. She will be celebrating her 21st birthday tomorrow night at Angels & Kings, a bar in NYC.

5. She firmly subscribes to the belief that "whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

So what's next for Brianna? "I was thinking about doing, maybe, A Flavor of Love or A Shot At Love with Brianna Taylor." Hope the producers are listening!

Can't get enough? Watch the full interview with Brianna here (courtesy of The Skinny Dip and WoozyFly).