Elle Woods Shows NYC Why (Legally) Blondes Have More Fun


If you're a Gemini vegetarian who likes fuschia, and hates horrible preppy girls, generic-brand toilet paper and truly heinous angora sweaters, then you'll absolutely love MTV's newest reality show: Legally Blonde the Musical: The Search for Elle Woods.

The premise? Elle wannabes across the nation are competing for the chance to nab the starring role in the hit film-turned-Broadway smash hit. And with the premiere only five days away, it's time to start getting excited! Which, as it turns out, is rather easy to do when you're spending the day with 50 legally (and not so legally) blondes dressed in identical fuschia-colored wrap dresses, and perfectly accessorized with matching hot-pink totes, three-inch heels and enough nail files to satisfy an army of professional manicurists.

Stay tuned to find out what happens when fifty Elle Woods lookalikes take over Manhattan...and check back later for more updates from the Elle Extravaganza Bus Tour 2008!

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