A Shot At Book Notoriety With Tila Tequila


Sure, Tila Tequila's hoping to find true love on this season of her eponymous reality show. But what's next for the MySpace sensation turned reality star? Turns out, she's planning to write her own self-help book. And as Tila tries to balance love, internet notoriety and lucrative book deals, she's turning to the people she depends on the most: her fans.

"I have some really exciting news!" Tila writes on her MySpace page. "I just currently got a book deal and I have decided to take advantage of this moment to dedicate my new book entitled, 'HOOKING UP WITH TILA TEQUILA' to all of my fans out there! In this book I will give advice on love, relationships, sex, and how to make your dreams turn into reality…just like I did!"

Now Tila's asking for her fans to submit their toughest dating/relationship questions so she can tackle them in her new book. Think she's up to the challenge? Let us know whether you'll be lining up to read her literary debut! And remember: If Spencer's suddenly qualified to offer relationship advice, who isn't?