Amanda Talks Tila. Plus: An "Ode to Glitter"

This week, Amanda deconstructs the latest Shot at Love 2 challenges and gives Glitter props for wearing nothing but her achey-breaky heart...


Wow, this episode was packed with a lot of aimless sadistic cruelty… Right? Between torturing everybody with the "Stay or Go" challenge (aka "point out your castmates' character defects game"), and the "here's a room to trash, now clean it up while soiled in sticky candy remains, wearing chains" game, Tila sure pulled out her inner emotional dominatrix. Hello "Mommy Dearest"… Google this movies' premise if you were born after 1982!

In her defense, Tila did finally get down and dirty, and crunched on some roasted cockroach with the peons. Bo seems to be the man of the week. At this point he and Tila seem the most compatible… aesthetically, emotionally, and physically. Kristy is starting to get some Tila ass… and covered in cherry pie! HOTTT!!!

Ode to Glitter:

First of all, way to command that wrestling match. After Brittany's ass-kicking performance last week (which I stupidly forgot to comment on… hilarious Brittany) I didn't know if you could beat her, even with that death stare. Secondly, when you say you "don't judge people" I believe that you are probably the only person in the universe who really doesn't. You kinda missed the point of the exercise, but your heart was in a sweet place, so whatever! Lastly, you win the prize of best reality TV exit EVER -- "weep weep, cough, cough, gurgle, spit." Freaking epic! You will be missed, our delicate little flower xo…

Next week looks like it will fulfill our voyeuristic cravings of self mutilation, all in the name of... LOVE? Body piercing, glass walking, and tattooing. With all of that excitement they really could have just skipped the overplayed gross food ingestion section!

Til next week...

Amanda ;)