The Paper's Trevor Peaces Out

Below, Trevor offers up a final defense and fills you in on his big plans for the future.


As we all sit and weep over the finale of the show, it is time to move on. I would first like to say that the rest of the school year turned out to be a great success. We published several more amazing issues and won a lot of awards at our state competition. I took home first place in Layout Design and third place in On-the-Spot Advertising Layout. Here are my final thoughts and tidbits:

About the show itself. I must say it was exciting and funny to watch myself and my mannerisms, but I leave this experience feeling somewhat unsatisfied. There was too much emphasis on the negative comments I made and, as you saw in the final episode, I did have something good to say. Anyone out there reading this... I am telling you now, once and for all, I am a good kid. I am not jealous, I am not spoiled, and I am a very humble person. I am not "dumb" (I got a perfect score on my math SAT, took 7 AP's throughout high school, studied in Israel for 2 months, was part of a world-champion flag-football team, etc. etc. the list goes on). What I am trying to say is that it would be just as wrong for any of you to pass judgment on me, the way you saw me passing judgment on Amanda.

I am also a critic and very passionate in my beliefs. I admit I evaluate people constantly and try to push them to better themselves in any work environment. In all honesty, Amanda still was not the greatest editor-in-chief in the world, and I was not going to just sit back and let the newspaper take a wrong turn. Unfortunately, I did not have a job that called for a great amount of leadership, nor one that gave me a lot of power. So, like the authentic and real person that I am, I spoke up, rather than being fake and pretending everything was OK. Some people can't take criticism well and for a long time Amanda did not. But again, I will admit, Amanda stepped up and proved me wrong, which was really all I ever wanted.

The very first issue MTV was gone from filming, we ironically produced our best issue of the year. We managed to, in the best way possible, come together and put aside our petty differences. I don't how or why it worked out that way, I think when there are cameras in your face and you are caught up in the moment, it gravely exaggerates any sort of emotions that you are feeling. Obviously I did not get along with Amanda; but, when you've got a camera two inches away from your face, a deadline fastly approaching, and someone annoying you, something is bound to come out that otherwise would not have.

As for where I stand now, I am going to the University of Florida where I will be attempting to major in Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering. I have already taken Calculus 1-3, so I am well on my way. As for Giana and I, we will be at UF together, and will try to figure out where our relationship takes us when the time comes. I have high aspirations and big goals for the future, and I am currently in the brainstorming stages of developing a Website/group devoted to students supporting Israel.

So don't forget this handsome face, you will be seeing it again soon.