The Paper's Giana Says Goodbye, With No Regrets

I'm pretty sad to say goodbye to The Circuit staff -- the drama, the cat fights, the purity of young love... speaking of which, read Giana's fond farewell and find out if she and Trevor are really in it for the long haul. 


So the finale has come and gone. While I am happy for it to be over, I’m unhappy in the sense that I don’t think the show accurately portrayed who I am. Yes, I had issues with Amanda. But the tensions were something rarely thought of and over things that we both overcame in order to make the paper as professional and amazing as we had hoped it would be. You all can think of a few people who come to mind that you just naturally lost contact with as you grew up and apart through your adolescent years. The difference with mine and Amanda’s friendship was that although we grew apart, we still had to work in the same setting and were able to do so eventually. Our February issue, which started off the second semester of classes, was our best. With the cameras gone and our feelings out in the open, the senior editors were able to move on and use our drive for a greater purpose.

Trevor and I will both be attending the University of Florida in the summer. We recently celebrated our year-and-a-half anniversary but are unsure of what will happen once we both settle into new and different lives. I’ll be majoring in Telecommunications and, after watching the show from both the inside and outside, hope to have a career in either News Broadcasting, Production or Management. The show has been both a learning experience and a memorable one. It is something that not everyone can say they’ve done and it has opened a lot of doors for me. While I would’ve changed a lot of what was shown and what wasn’t, I don’t regret or take back anything that was said or done. I’m taking everything that’s happened and using it positively to build my future.