Reality Check: Audrina Refuses To Be Driven Out Of Hills Pad


• Audrina may be scoping out new digs, but she's still living with LC and least, for now. The Hills cutie was spotted leaving Chateau Audrina looking très relaxed, and as fashionable as ever. (Gossip Girls)

The Paper's Amanda Lorber is off to NYU, but she's not looking for any star treatment. Says Amanda: "I want to have a fresh start, and I want to be kind of a normal student, not that girl who was on an MTV reality show." (College OTR)

• Terrell Owens wants you to know that he had the opportunity to go on ABC's Dancing With the Stars, but he turned it down. Okay? (AP)

• Meanwhile, American Idol producers shatter Paula Abdul's dreams by refusing to let her try out for DWTS, presumably because it's a talent competition on another network...that airs at the exact same time as American Idol. (National Ledger)

• And in other Idol news, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Slezak analyzes the determining factor behind David Cook's victory: his hair. According to Slezak: "Getting that side-part during Dolly Parton week was possibly his best strategic move of the season." Hear, hear! (Chicago Tribune)

• Did you hear that former America's Next Top Model winner Caridee English was recently hospitalized for dehydration? E! Online's less than sympathetic headline? "CariDee's Not-So-Fierce Hospitalization." (E! Online)