The Most Entertaining Moments From This Season Of The Paper


Remember when Adam and Amanda got all nostalgic during last week's Homecoming episode of The Paper? Well, with tonight's season finale only hours away, I'm ripping a page out of their playbooks, and taking a moment to remember the Most Entertaining Moments of this topsy-turvy year.

When Everyone Flips Out Over The New Seating Chart: Sure, Adam may have won the yearbook superlative for Most Dramatic, but he wasn't the only one overreacting to the new seating arrangement. As I recall, Alex and Dan were furious, Cassie was disappointed and Trevor and Giana immediately came down with a bad case of pre-trial separation anxiety. My feelings on the subject? Relax, people. (Newsflash: they're only chairs).

When Adam Is Elected Homecoming King: Adam's unexpected victory was a small step for man, and a giant step for mankind; newspaper nerds everywhere. In his moment of glory, Adam proudly donned his requisite purple crown and singlehandedly united the entire paper...well, for approximately thirty seconds.

When Alex Admits He Used To Have A Thing For Amanda: Sure, we've all seen the lingering looks and the tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. But I sure didn't see this one coming. Could it be that he's still carrying a torch around for her? That could definitely explain why every single encounter between is so unbelievably awkward. Plus, we all know Alex isn't exactly great at handling rejection. (Wait, he wanted to be the EIC? I never would have guessed!)

When Dan, Giana, Trevor, Alex and Adam Ditch The Ice Cream Social To Play Laser-Tag Instead: Alright, so maybe this wasn't exactly in the spirit of team camaraderie. But come on, given the option of a boring/awkward party versus a fun night out with your friends, which one would you guys choose? Okay, sure, these guys can be cliquey (and, occasionally, even mean) but they seriously know how to kick back and have fun. And really, how is that any different from your high school experience?

When Alex Gets Offended That Amanda Isn't Taking His Football Story Seriously: Okay, not to hate on Alex, and Dan but is there anyone out there who didn't find the whole working-out-with-the-football-team thing hilarious? Sure, they might be amazing sports writers, but they're not exactly built like defensive linemen. Forget about the players, these guys were terrified of meeting the coach! Besides, Amanda wasn't laughing at them, she was laughing with them. And, for that matter, with me. Of course, this brings us right to...

When Dan Thanked The Gorgeous Lady-Doctor For His Prostrate Exam (During The Football Physical): Um, does this one really need explaining? Although I enjoyed the horrified expression on both Dan and Alex's faces, the highlight for me was the "thank-you" itself. Well, that and the doc awkwardly responding that this was the first time anyone had ever thanked her for a prostate exam before. Ever!

When Amanda Dances Up A Storm: I said it before, and I'll say it again. Amanda knows how to shake her groove thing. And, fortunately for those of us at home, she's not afraid to show it. It was great to see Amanda finally relax and cut loose in front of everyone. And even greater to see that she had no intention of letting a missing Homecoming date (or a pouty-faced managing editor) ruin her good time.

When The Newsies Find Out That Amanda Is Editor-In-Chief: Not surprisingly, when Mrs. Weiss tapped Amanda as the next EIC, the other staffers weren't exactly thrilled. But, in typical Lorber fashion, Amanda refused to let anyone rain on her parade. So Giana, Adam and Alex didn't agree with Mrs. Weiss' decision? So, what! That sure didn't stop Amanda from walking out of school with a gigantic smile on her face.

And, last but not least:

Amanda's Heart-to-Hearts With Gabby: Alright, so this isn't exactly one moment so much as Every Single Episode So Far. But that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to rank it as one of my favorites. As everyone who grew up with a dog or cat knows, four-legged friends sometimes make the best listeners. Sure, they occasionally fall asleep mid-conversation, or leave the room in search of a nice, thirst-quenching toilet. But, on the plus side? They're always 100% on your side. And they never, ever interrupt.