Reality Check: Not Even A Bikini Wax Can Stop Heidi From Talking About Spencer


• Heidi is completely, utterly head-over-heels in love with Spencer. And she won't let anyone forget it. (Fox News, third item)

• Meanwhile, Audrina proves she has no problem wearing the exact same outfit as someone else. Provided that someone else is fashion-forward OC alum, Mischa Barton. (The Hollywood Gossip)

• According to Kim Kardashian, it's never too early to start accessorizing. Which explains why the curvy reality star gave pal Jessica Alba a "blinged out pacifier" at her baby shower. (Buddy TV)

• Fatima Siad (a.k.a. the third-place finisher from America's Next Top Model) thinks the competition was fixed. We think she's just pissed that she didn't win. (TV Guide)

• And speaking of sore losers, guess who isn't one? That would be gracious American Idol runner-up David Archuleta, who says he thinks winner David Cook "deserved it." (MTV)