Tila Tequila Explains Why She Wanted Another 'Shot At Love'


For those of you watching this season of A Shot at Love 2 with Tila Tequila, you may have noticed that this time around our leading lady is less open and more determined than ever before. In fact, Tila admits that she had serious reservations about doing a second season because she was "still healing" from her split from last season's winner, Bobby Banheart. But eventually, she decided she wasn't ready to give up on love and signed on anyway -- although not without some reservations.

"This time around, I'm a lot more guarded," Tila tells the Associated Press. "I'm a lot more observant of everyone and what they're doing here. Last season I was a lot more nicer, and this time I'll tell you, 'If you're not here for the right reasons, get the hell out. Stop wasting my time.' Because I really am not putting up with that this season."

And it sounds like she means business. After all, she sure sent Chad packing in a hurry. Which only leaves me wondering one thing: Who's going home next?