Amanda Lorber: Talks the Talk, Walks the Final Walk

In honor of The Paper's one-hour season finale Monday night (10pm EST), we've gone ahead and gathered our favorite quotes from "bod-squad-slash-editor-in-chief," Amanda Lorber. Truth be told, she had us at, "Journalists are the most important part of the world. They really are." Play the clip to jog your memory...

Also from Episode 1:

"Procrastination is a foe... that I have not met yet."

Episode 2:

"First editors meeting... I'm ready to kick ass and take names."

"A great outfit is essential to a great attitude... Friday says, 'I take risks and I wear yellow.'"

"For those of you who don't know me, I am Amanda. For those who do, I'm still Amanda."

"I'm the big cheese. I'm the big cheese." (While dancing around with a box of mac and cheese)

"I hope it all goes well, because if not, I'll just have to think that bad things happen to good people."

Episode 3:

"This week has gone very well. I shared helpful knowledge. (Check.) I made at least one person happy. (Check.)"

Episode 4:

(While doing yoga) "You are very stressed out, Gabby. Gabby! Calm down! Oh Gabby, we're in the same pose."

Episode 5:

"They're hungry for the news cookie."

"There are typos in every newspaper. Do you want one? Don't insult it."

"Giana said that Alex has nothing to say in the meeting... which makes me giggle in a way I can't explain."

Episode 6:

"We're broken. I don't recognize my own smile, and that's sad.

"I'm gonna dance with anyone who comes and grinds up on my ass."

"Save me a dance, you hunk! (Pause) Not you, Bennett. Larry."

Classic convo with dad:

Dad: So are you going [to Homecoming]?

Amanda: I'm not sure, maybe. I mean, if I get a date, that's cool and maybe I'll go.

Dad: It's gonna be great. You'll see people, you'll dance. Maybe someone will spike the punch. Who knows? That's how we did it.

Amanda: I know. I saw Grease.

The best stuff is yet to come. Watch the finale Monday night and say farewell to the big cheese and her coworkers at The Circuit.