Mrs. Weiss Ain't Isn't Going Anywhere!

Below is your final in-season writing tip from Mrs. Weiss, but you'll be hearing more from her long after tonight's finale. Check back every Monday for her journo wisdom!


Lesson No. 6: I Speak, Therefore I Quote

Journalism is about people. What are they saying? Stories should not be coming out of the recesses of your imagination, and no one expects you to be the expert on everything. What journalists do is find the experts and let them do their own talking. Quotation marks mean that the words inside them are exactly what a person said. Paraphrased material comes from a source, but the writer changes the words around a bit. The source still gets credit for the information, but no quotation marks are used. If your story doesn’t have any quotes or paraphrased material, then it’s not journalism!