Real World Superlatives: The Best of the Best


Another week, another drama-filled episode featuring our favorite Hollywood roommates. And with tensions rising, tempers flaring and underwear disappearing before our very eyes, there's only one appropriate way to sum up all the action. Ladies and gents, we present you with this week's installment of "Real World Superlatives."

Most Embarrassing Title: Congratulations, Reva! You will officially go down in Real World history books as "Greg's Female Associate."

Most Unacceptable Use Of An Accessory: This one goes to Will for the inexplicable Rambo-like man headband, worn during the scene where he confronts Greg over The Case of the Disappearing Panties.

Worst Dressed Overall: Do we even have to ask? (Memo to Dave: Less whipped cream, more pants).

Most Likely To Ask Herself WWJD: That would be Sarah, whose parents told her to give it over to The Big Man following the panty-theft.

Most Likely Going To Hell: Reva again, for swearing to God that she didn't kiss Will despite the fact that they made out only thirty seconds earlier. On a reality show where strangers agree to have their lives taped. In the room with the gigantic camera.

Best Gratuitous Overuse Of The Phrase 'Trashy Whores': That would be Kim, of course, for not-so-diplomatically expressing her views on David's various, um, females.

Worst Taste In Women: Congrats, Dave, this one's all yours. For once, Greg had it right when he told you "She's not that hot, bro."

Biggest Liar: This one's a toss-up between Greg 'I May Be A Jerk, But I'm No Panty-Stealer' and Reva, for refusing to tell the truth -- the whole truth and nothing but the truth -- about her "confessional" with Will.

Most Surprisingly Judgmental: This one's all Brianna. For a non-judgmental former stripper, she sure had a lot to say about those girls frolicking in the hot tub.

Best Silent Cameo: Surprisingly, this one goes to Brianna's "associate" Jojo, for keeping quiet and not making out with other housemates. In fact, this week he (almost) seemed normal -- for a public fornicator with a stated aversion to shirts/undergarments.

Best Joey Impersonation: That would be Will, for taking his aggression towards Greg out on an innocent punching bag.

And, last but not least, the title of Biggest Hypocrite goes to...Greg. Apparently, it's one thing to steal ladies underwear (and creepily lie about it afterwards) and treat women like property. But to kiss some other dude's girlfriend female associate? Now that's just plain wrong.

Any superlatives we missed this week? Write in and let us know who you think deserves the title of Most Overdramatic, Best Dressed and Roommate You'd Most Want To Be Friends With.