Giana and Trevor from The Paper: The Bigger Picture

Below, Giana and Trevor explain why they weren't a part of the new group photo -- and why that's not necessarily a bad thing. Watch the incident all over again, after the jump...


She Said: If you observed deadline, you saw, on several occasions, Amanda, Alex and I all working together. While we had a bad relationship, the prime reason I didn’t think reconciliation needed to be forced was because when it came down to the final hour, we were all able to set aside our differences for the good of the newspaper.

I had written the homecoming story three years in a row. This year was going to be my last. I attended every homecoming event to get the perfect pictures and the right sources for my story. The MTV cameras followed me to each event; however, due to time constraints only a quick, few clips were able to be aired. This last homecoming experience was memorable for me because I chose to participate in some of the events that, in recent years, I had chosen to watch from the stands. In the relay race, the seniors won by a landslide with me running across the football fields along with them.

Following tradition, my friends and I all took pictures prior to the homecoming dance and proceeded to get on a 40 passenger limo bus which, for me, was the best part of the night.

Because I was a senior, I wanted to spend my homecoming dance with my closest friends, the ones I had experienced every dance with. It was not the time to try to mend relationships, especially when we had all been civil and had easily been able to work together just a few days before. While I would’ve been open to discussing my feelings about certain editors, to me, a relationship should not be forced or fake. And a happy “homecoming picture,” to me, would have been the definition of that.

He Said: I first want to say that in the original group picture that many say united the newspaper, I am no where to be found. The reason for this is because I left Cypress Bay for Israel during the last two months of my junior year to attend an intense Judaic study program called Alexander Muss High School in Israel. I think the picture of me standing in front of the Kotel wearing Tefillin is what everyone should have been raving about; not a picture at FSPA that yours truly wasn't even in.

Homecoming was a great night. It all started on the amazing party bus we took to the event, followed by a night full of partying and dancing, and finally ended with much-needed sleep. I am not much of a dancer really, I am a very shy person and dancing was something I never got into; but Giana helped me get over that anxiety and for the first time in my life, I actually had fun doing it. I wish MTV would have shown this gorgeous face doing so with my amazingly beautiful girlfriend, Giana.

I was in no way against taking a picture at homecoming, and as you saw, neither was Giana. I honestly don't know where I was when they took that picture. If Giana were with me when she left to go take it, she would have dragged me along regardless of whether or not I wanted to. But oh well, there are plenty of other ways to unite an entire newspaper, and I have never heard of a homecoming picture doing so. Perhaps a ropes course would be more fitting (hint, hint).