Who Will Win Tila's Heart? Amanda Breaks It Down for Ya

Between Bo with his sweat, blood and tears, and Lisa with her strong but silent James Dean act, Tila had her hands full last night. Here, Amanda from Season 1 takes a few shots at the schizo colorful cast of Season 2...


Continued from last week… Bo took the ultimate head butt, and brutal slow-motion punch, resulting in snapped bones, broken teeth, wires, and surgery. The guy is either a Buddhist monk, or has been through some sort of intense anger management program. Where is his happy place? Cause if that was me, heads would have rolled.

What was that gang sign he threw at us from the ambulance? Maybe it's an inside thing, like Schmitzen? I feel a little left out... when did the cast have time to get together and create a secret hand gesture, and their own version of CHEERS?

That Dance Party sequence was brilliant! You have this week's "good guy" unconscious with, stitches, ice packs, and tubes coming out of his face. Cut to the rest of the cast letting loose, getting wasted. How else were they going to relieve the stress of Bo's "Bad Day"? I was a little concerned about Glitter, though. Between the boobs, the five-inch stripper heels, and that huge bottle waving around over her head, I thought she was going down this time.

No surprise that Rizzo was on the winning team for the bubble bath burnout. That chick is a machine! She knows what's up… you know Tila didn't want her to leave after that closet kiss, but she needed to make a point! We knew she was getting a key. That kind of of passion is soooo hot!!!! It sucks a little for Brittany cause I really liked her this week. I hope her date isn't lost in the overshadowing drama!

Jay dude, I'm sorry your best buddy had to leave, pour one out for the homies, bro. Is that how they say it in Jersey? Do you think he'll be pissed that you flipped so quickly? You know with the whole apologizing in the closet thing, in your bandana (courtesy of Boston), and your "I love Girls" baby tee (courtesy Sirbina). How awkward, between Bo being the bigger man, and being able to pronounce "foyer"… Ouch!!

NEXT WEEK… looks like a lot of crying, A LOT. Its not quite as intriguing as broken bones, and lesbo drama, but I'm sure that the femme-on-femme action will satisfy our cravings. Can't wait to see who pissed Tila off... seems to be a pretty common occurrence this season.

'Til next week, guys...