Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Flaunt Their 'New' Love


As we all know, last week's season finale of The Hills was somewhat of a cliffhanger. And the juicy trailer left us with even more questions: Will Lo and Audrina become the new Heidi and LC? Is Speidi's relationship vacation really and truly over? Will Justin Bobby blow our minds with another spontaneous haircut?

Unfortunately, only one thing's for sure: Heidi and Spencer are back on. In fact, despite those nasty fake pregnancy rumors, they've been joined at the hip ever since they first "announced" their reconciliation by walking hand-in-hand down the escalator in the finale. And as if that wasn't enough, now Popsugar is accusing Spencer and Heidi of a very serious charge: canoodling in public.

But is the PDA here to stay? Is Speidi back for good? We want to hear what you think: Should Heidi forgive Spencer... or forget him?