Blessed by Brett Michaels


Sure, I'm with MTV and all, but let's get honest: The best reality show that ever lived was VH1's groundbreaking Rock of Love, followed by Rock of Love 2, in which aging Poison heartthrob himbo, Brett Michaels, finally found a true connection with that Ambre chick who never -- ever -- looked 31.

While thrilled for Brett that he finally met his match (in non-stripper form), it's been tough having to come to terms with the possibility that Rock of Love 3 might never come to fruition...

Well, call me a pig in shiz right about now. I just read the news at that Rock of Love Girls: Charm School will premiere this summer. Rumored contestants include Heather and Rodeo from Season 1, as well as self-proclaimed French slut Angelique, waxy Daisy, Destiney, and the ever-emotional Kristy Joe from Season 2.

Best of all, Sharon Osbourne will act as head mistress, with the daunting task of transforming these girls from trashy to (somewhat) classy. Will there be a spare room in the house for Kelly?