The Hills vs. Gossip Girl: Which Finale Was Better?

Taking a cue from The Hills' dramatic season finale, last night's Gossip Girl turned some hardcore tricks. In under 20 minutes, just about everyone broke up with their signifs and rounded up inappropriate summer flings.


Let's run the numbers:

Breakups: 3-ish

Serena/Dan, Vanessa/Nate, Chuck/Blair (does it count if the relationship started and ended within the same episode?)

Hot Action: 3

Rufus/Lily (home base), Chuck/Blair (dance floor make-out session), Dan/Georgina (everything but...?)

Humiliations: 6 (at least)

Georgina sent to boot camp, Bart finding out Lily banged Rufus right before the wedding, Dan realizing he was totally played by "Sarah," Nate's dad getting knocked out, Serena wearing way too many ruffles.

Awkward Pauses In the Midst of Humiliations/General Discomfort:

Not nearly enough. Watch how the pros do it.