Hot Off The Presses! Adam Brock Named Homecoming King, Drama Queen


Last night's Paper episode was anything but yesterday's news. Between Mrs. Weiss' controversial new seating arrangement, Adam's Homecoming victory, and Alex's awkward refusal to smile for the group photo, we have plenty to think about today. And since we have nobody to talk to (Amanda won't let us borrow Gabby), we figured we'd share our favorite quotes from the show.

• "No one puts Adam Brock in a f***** corner." --Adam

• "Weiss made us move our seats...cause we all hate each other." --Giana

• "She's perfect. She's Amanda Lorber." --Sarcasto Alex

• "Does anybody else have any Latin quips that they enjoy saying to their friends?" --Joey Hodges

• "It's hard to have a discussion with somebody with words written across their genitals." --Mrs. Weiss

• "I hope that I can, like, redefine cool, I guess." --Adam

• "Save me a dance, you hunk! (Pause) Not you, Bennett. Larry." --Amanda

Did I leave anything out? Tell us your favorite moment from Homecoming Weekend -- and before you decide, it's probably best to take another look at Amanda dancing. (She really hits her stride around the 3:08 mark).