Tonight: The Super Sweet Premiere Of My Super Sweet 16


Remember that My Super Sweet 16 where Aaron "Son of L.A." Reid got Kanye West to play at his "Young & Hott"-themed party spectacular? Well, now it's Diddy's stepson's turn to go where no one everyone on Sweet 16 has gone before – and impress his adolescent peers with a giant/overly decadent bash!

But can Quincy deliver the big-name talent, multiple outfit-changes, and non-alcoholic cocktails befitting of Diddy's spawn? Possibly! That is, if this strategy session with Diddy is any indication:

Diddy: What's your ideas?

Quincy: Basically, just hot performers -- from Bow Wow to Boyz n da Hood. Soulja Boy, you know? Chris Brown.

(Awkward pause)

Diddy: You want me to get all of them?

Quincy: Yeah.

Not listed among the "hot performers" Quincy wants at his party? The winners of Making the Band, Making the Band 2, Making the Band 3 or (wait for it!) Making the Band 4.

So who does end up performing at Quincy's exorbitant rite-of-passage? You'll have to watch tonight's season premiere to find out! Meanwhile, take a look at this sneak preview from tonight's "Stunna" of an episode.