'Life of Ryan' Finale, Part 2: Finally On Solid Ground

In Part 2 of tonight's Life of Ryan season finale, Ryan reaches neutral territory -- in a house fit for a king, with no sign of any parents (or adults for that matter). Here, he bids a fond farewell -- for now -- to all you fans who make his awesomely sick lifestyle possible.


Maybe being angry makes me skate better. I’m not sure, but after the session we had this week, I may be onto something. Mitch said he’d never seen me skate like that, and I kinda agree. I have a lot left to do for this Plan B part. So bringing Lutzka and Hoops out to get some stuff on tape makes a lot of sense. If the other guys like P-Rod and Jereme are putting down tricks like I am, this is going to be the sickest skate video ever made. Jumping 20-foot gaps and doing 13-foot drops is a lot of fun, but it’s hard work. I was going hard and at the school I tried kickflipping that rail and landed on my elbow once. Not fun. I hit HARD and you just hear the crew groan. One producer on the show couldn’t even watch and hid around the corner until we finished filming. I’m pumped to see the whole thing when it gets put together.

I should let you guys know that I am writing this from the new house... my new house. There isn’t a piece of furniture in here yet but I still love this place. Casey and me already went to the store to get keys made and we had to buy plungers just in case Mitch decides to clog another toilet. But I can’t dog him too much since he came back strong and helped us move the heaviest stuff into the house like the massage chair and the Red Bull refrigerator. Casey also bought trashcans and every cleaning product on the shelves in that store for us to keep the place clean.


That first night we were here, the house was completely empty except for the cameras. Casey and me brought in some blankets, pillows and futons just to get the chance to be in the house. We were just so excited to finally be out of our parents’ houses and we’re free to do anything! Whatever we want. With none of the old owners’ furniture in there, the place looked even more huge. Then everybody was over… Mitch, Tony, and Taylor -- and we all just camped out in the house.

My mom and Michael (the contractor) have had workers here doing construction. Yeah, I have to deal with the noise, but it’s pretty easy to do that when I see what I get for all the trouble. Like one of the things I wanted to have in here was a legit movie theater. I’m halfway there. I have this 103” plasma TV installed on the wall. It is a monster and it’s like eight feet wide and weighs almost 500 pounds. They told me that to install it on the wall they have to put in these steel beams all the way through the floor just to hold up the TV. I’m still wanting a pool, too. Something like that Playboy suite at The Palms in Vegas.

My house can be the place my brothers and my friends go to when they want to escape. And I can finally get a break from mom and dad drama. You come onto my property, and you’re on neutral territory. Life has really been a rollercoaster ride since my parents divorced. It’s affected me so much, sometimes even my skating. Mom asking me to not move out really killed me, but then she’s been more proud and excited for me now that I got the house. Fighting with my dad, but then reconnecting with him and seeing him get his new ink in Vegas with all our names on it was pretty meaningful. But hearing my dad be so protective of my mom… I know they’re not getting back together, but that’s the kind of stuff that makes me hopeful that they’ll get to a good place. I hope that me having this neutral zone will help make that happen for them. Not that I’m getting in the middle of anything they do ever again. But I’m stoked on getting to host something like a 4th of July party and see my dad working the grill and my mom doing her taco thing with my brothers and all our friends around. Everybody just being chill.

For me, that would make all of the fights and struggles you guys saw this season worth it. I don’t care if this sounds lame or whatever, but thank you to everybody who watched this season. It’s the fans that help keep everything going by showing support at the Dew tours, or buying Sheckler Merch, or watching the show.

So THANK YOU to everyone out there and we’ll see you next season (hopefully).