'Life of Ryan' Finale, Part 1: Almost Time to Peace Out

Part 1 of tonight's Life of Ryan season finale has Ryan grabbing the bull by both horns, so to speak...


This week, there was so much happening that it was hard to keep up. My mom said “when it rains, it pours,” and I guess that usually means the good stuff and bad. Flying off to Austria with Red Bull and finally getting my house, that was a load of good stuff all happening at the same time.


House, house, house. You’re probably sick of hearing me say that, but this has been my mission for almost two years. Last season Tony Hawk told me he was in his first house at 17 and I just wanted to be out on my own, too. I keep imagining what this year would have looked like if I moved out instead of sticking around like my mom asked. Look, I’m glad I stayed for my brothers and to let the drama die down, but now I have my own place and it’s only gonna get better from now on.

My new place is the sickest house on the street, or it will be as soon as all the work I want to have done is finished. It’s got 4 bedrooms, 4 ½ bathrooms, three floors, a patio off my room where I can see the golf course and the ocean. There’s so much space that I can even give Kane his own room for when he stays over. My mom had me meet with these designers about decorating the house and they asked me what kind of style I liked. It’s kinda hard to describe. I just want my place to be sick.

But getting to focus on all of that had to wait because Tony and me were flying to Austria with Red Bull. They had this whole week planned for us and there are parts you didn’t even get to see. Like, we rode in this acrobatic helicopter that does flips and stuff in the air. (Tony screamed like a girl during the flight by the way). Oh, and you didn’t get to see me, Tony, and Iouri skating in Hangar 7. That place was insane. It was like part mall, part museum. They let me skate and jump their Red Bull racing cars. And then Tony and me went snowboarding with the other Red Bull athletes in the Alps. Sick.


Mitch’s family is Swiss and he was super jealous that Tony got to go on the trip. But Tony’s never really gone out of the country. I think he’s been to Canada and Mexico (which isn’t really that big of a deal when you almost live in San Diego). So I knew he’d appreciate it, plus, he’s usually down for anything. Well, usually. Tony was crappy in Austria and it sucked how bad he felt, especially since he was so pumped to go on it in the first place.

We made it through though and as fun as that trip was, getting back home was way better. That first day in SC, I ended up sleeping a lot just to get back on the right time again. Austria’s like eight hours ahead so it was really messing with me. When I was feeling regular again, it was all about getting the house thing sorted out.

Casey’s got to finish packing, and thank God my mom’s been helping me with mine. We’re moving soon and I really cannot wait for the day I can peace out and get into my own house. It’s so close.