The Paper's Adam vs. Goliath

On tonight's all-new Paper episode, Adam faces off with the school jock, Scott Rassner, for a shot at Homecoming King. Watch the sneak peek below to size up the competition.

Think Adam's got a chance? Let's take a look at each guy's qualifications:

Scott is a hot, football player (in high school terms that translates into "God"). Adam's got style, but he's not exactly a ladies man.

Scott exhibits a cool and quiet confidence. Adam asserts himself via screaming and crying.

Scott would annihilate Adam in an arm-wrestling competition, but Adam could kick Scott's ass in a Spelling Bee.

As far as crowns go, we know Adam would wear it well -- he's already the King of Drama. Scott's head might be too big for one.

I'm crossing my fingers for Adam, if only to hear his inevitably emotional acceptance speech.