'True Life: I Work in the Sex Industry' - UPDATE


Find out what Rebekah and Aaron have been up to since revealing to the world that they work in the sex industry...


Hey guys its Rebekah from True Life: I Work in the Sex Industry. I wanna thank everyone so much for all the sweet comments and support. It definitely made a difference in my life knowing that people don't hate me just because I work in porn. I love all of you guys!

PS. I'm still single and looking but I'm not stressed about the whole boyfriend thing. I'm actually gonna go on a couple dates with people who saw me on "True Life: I'm In The Sex Industry". I guess nowadays I'm more focused on Combat Zone, my clothing line called "IScreamGarbage", and traveling the world. This year I already have 3 trips booked, so far Japan, France, and Greece. Working in porn is AWESOME!

Outside of the Sex Industry, I am a makeup artist and I have a clothing line called "IScreamGarbage(.com). I'm also helping start an artsy, alternative nude site where you can see girls who look like me, but naked. Piercings and colorful hair...

IScreamGarbage is my heart. It's a culture line I started which is about hair, makeup, Articles, charity, photos, and my clothing line. Check it out!

If you wanna date me, hit me up!! You never know...





Hi guys! It's Aaron from True Life: I Work in the Sex Industry. Since the show, life has been ridiculously crazy work wise and pretty mellow life wise. I have been on the road working and busier than ever.  My life has changed a little bit but not too much since being on the show.  The response to my website(s) has been phenomenal, as I have a ton of new fans and support.  I've gotten a lot of offers to appear in magazines and from photographers wanting to work with me, which is really flattering.  Appearing on the show did cause some friction between my ex-girlfriend and I, and working through that has been really hard on me, but, I'm hoping to get back together with her soon.  All in all, life since the show has been great!