The Meat: All In The Family

This week's special message from Meaty the dog:

Grams and Gramps came to town this week, which meant that Master Rob kind of forgot I existed. Guess he'd been starved for attention (we do have a one-sided relationship at times).

I know I sometimes act out -- poop on the oriental, refuse to exercise, rub up against stray ladies -- but Rob has been the real animal lately, driving like O.J. on the freeway and causing Grandma Pat to cry. Though c'mon, she's pretty damn gullible for thinking Rob was going to jail for being a sticker vandal. Anyway, April F-in Fools, suckas!

It was cool and all to have visitors, but I'm kinda glad they're gone now. I was feeling awkward around Aunt Denise (I caught her swiping some of my food late night) and Gramps kept farting when no one was around... except for me, of course. You people have no shame.


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