Kim from 'Real World' Responds to Hate Mail

In this corner, reigning from the Deep South, wearing the Pink Victoria's Secret sweats... is Kimberly.

On last night's episode of Real World XX: Hollywood, Kimberly tore into Brianna for being "ghetto" (minus the fabulous). Many of you have reacted strongly to their conflict. zsm said:

"i can’t believe people like Kim still exist. she’s ignorant and racist. kim, i hope u don’t get caught after dark in the most 'innercity blackville.'"

And there was a lot more where that came from. So I did what any other nosy-ass blogger would do about the sitch -- emailed Kim to ask for an explanation. And now it's been broughten:


"Let me start by trying to express my utmost appreciation for the overwhelming support and love I have received. I cannot possibly respond to all of the emails, but I do read them. Everything means so much to me, and it has served as such an encouragement.

The Real World is a social experiment. Seven VERY different people are put in a house from all different backgrounds and walks of life. The intro to the show, "To find out what happens when people stop being polite and start being real," was written for a reason. Watching the show would be boring if everyone were the same or if everyone got along. I personally never had a problem getting along with people until I moved into that house.

Growing up in the South, one is taught to be polite and mannered. I was astonished at the behavior of some of my roommates. Does this mean their behavior was "wrong?" NO! This just means I was not raised the same way. Does this mean I went into the house being "judgmental?" YES! The point of the "experience" is to learn more about yourself, your roommates, and to develop an open mind and new ways of thinking. Unfortunately, you the viewers don’t get to see a lot of that because the show is edited for entertainment. That means that there will only be 1% of what was filmed shown on television.

Do I regret the things I said? No. This is because when one says they regret something, they wish it never happened. I personally am thankful I said those things because I was able to have my roommates explain to me that in other areas of the country it was unacceptable.

This brings me to all the lovely mail I have received...

First, let me say while I appreciate all of the grammatical errors and vocabulary that one would never find in Webster’s Dictionary, it is extremely ironic that authors of such emails are judging me based on preconceived stereotypes of a Southern girl. It is obvious that these people should have looked in the mirror long before they thought about judging me. As all of us know, that is not the way the world works, so we move on.

In conclusion, I hope that everyone finds it in their heart to stick with the show and see how all of the roommates grow individually as well as a whole. That said, I must warn you: it gets much worse before it gets better."

Until next time, go green or go home,


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