'Rock the Cradle' Highlights

Tonight's Rock the Cradle was another scorcher. Some highlights:

Jesse Blaze Snider went next level and smashed his guitar during a performance of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It." What's next: biting off the head of a bat?


Chloe Lattanzi writhed with angsty soul while singing a goth version of Olivia Newton-John's "I Honestly Love You." Cirque de Soleil played backup.


Judge Belinda Carlisle gave Chloe a perfect 10 and said this: "I love the way you make me feel so uncomfortable." (And I love the way The Real World makes me feel so uncomfortable, but I wouldn't necessarily call it art.)

Lil B.Sure! made love to an audience member's neck.

While performing "My Prerogative," Landon Brown lifted up his hoodie like a little kid who wants to see if your belly-button looks like his belly-button.


Bobby Brown almost threw down with the judges after they unanimously decided that Landon's belly-button lacked charisma.

A'Keiba Burrell-Hammer took Judge June Ambrose's advice to heart and attempted to dress younger and hipper, but the head-to-toe bedazzled look couldn't save her from getting sent home.

Time to vote for the person who sucked the least!