Horndogs in the Hizzy

The Real World: Hollywood just premiered last night and already there's a love triangle taking shape. Here's how it all went down:

Will, a Lenny Kravitz lookalike with all the skills and charm of Brett Michaels' bodyguard, meets Brianna (below), a sassy, self-proclaimed "Philly-girl" with an in-your-face sex appeal. They flirt. They like each other. It's a done deal.


Flash to 15 minutes later, when Will finds out that the reason Brianna owns patent leather stripper boots is because she is, in fact, a stripper (guess he just thought she was an exotic dancer). Will is grossed out to the max. He likes good girls. And lucky for him, the goodiest girl in the whole wide world lives right across the hall. Sarah, who wears a cute mix of naturally curly hair and naivete, has a boyfriend back at home, though this only seems to bother her for a split second. See Sarah locking lips with her new boyfriend, Will, below.


By the end of the show, Brianna is so over Will and onto Joey The Greek. Aryan twins Kim and Dave are about to hit it, and Greg is left to jerk off his perfect self.