Alex from 'The Paper' Speaks His Peace


To anyone who has ever been caught in the middle of two feuding friends, you can relate to me. Although the first episode of The Paper doesn’t really address it, Amanda and I used to be best friends (as well as everyone’s favorite, Cassia). We hung out nearly every weekend and we were great friends who could talk about pretty much anything. I brought her flowers after her performance as Mrs. Potts in Beauty in the Beast and it was my idea in the first place to bring Amanda the soup when she was sick. However, I was also good friends with Dan, Trevor, Adam, and Giana.

I wasn’t playing both sides; I was just stuck in the middle, an unfortunate predicament to be in. My weekends consisted of game nights with Amanda and Cassia in the early evenings and beer pong and parties with the rest of the gang in the late hours of the night. I was friends with everyone -- unfortunately, I’m in high school and as you’ll soon see, peer pressure plays a role in mine and Amanda’s relationship (although it could easily be argued that we simply just grew apart).

As for my opinions about Amanda when the first episode was filmed? I did not dislike her as a person. I mean, we were best friends for nearly the entire year and she has a genuinely nice (just different) personality. I simply didn’t think she was the most qualified person for the job and I felt I was more suitable to be editor-in-chief because of my more approachable and easy going personality and leadership skills, not to mention outside-of-the-classroom journalistic experience that you don’t see on the show. Was I jealous? I mean I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t want the job, but in the end I tried to suck it up and put a smile on my face. I guess what I’m trying to say is Amanda isn’t a bad person; I just didn’t think she was the better of the two candidates for editor-in-chief. Is that so bad?