Amanda from 'The Paper' Pipes Up


Hi there, MTV-niks! Amanda here. I was formerly the copy editor for the Cypress Bay Circuit. Not sure what that means? Well, put simply, I was the resident grammar snob and AP style Nazi of our spirited bunch. I checked stories for flow, spelling, punctuation, correct newspaper (AP) style and accuracy. Every issue that goes to print went through me first. This prepared me for my current position as the editor-in-chief.

As in-chief, I certainly do massive amounts of editing, but it doesn’t detract from my love for writing. I frequently write editorials and news features about the issues that matter to me most -- the state of our under-funded education system, children’s healthcare, and religious freedom (despite my personal agnosticism).

One overarching theme of our editorial section (which I put together and lay out) is the apathy of our generation. Sure, there seems to be a renewed interest in politics due to the race and gender of two ‘08 election candidates, but what will happen when a new president is settled? We’ll most likely witness tons of teens dropping their trendy activism in exchange for Wii, alcoholic beverages, and, dare I say it, reality television.

Readers, viewers -- I’m not telling you that you need to write editorials like I do. I’m simply urging you to pick a worthy cause, any cause, and stick to it. Delve into the surrounding issues and attempt to change the world. I don’t think it’s idealistic to believe that you can fix our society. The power of one is greater than you can possibly imagine. Choose your calling, and go for it. Write (if you enjoy it), start an organization (if you’re a born leader), donate your time and manpower (or woman power) to that cause.

If every student picks something and follows through, together we can patch up our broken world.


Amanda Lorber

Editor-in-Chief, The Circuit