Cassia from 'The Paper' Defends Amanda



Preconceived notions. Those nasty little boogers are constantly creating storms of bitter feelings. We all have the unfortunate tendency to formulate premature opinions about others -- or in this case, other.

I am not blind to the often-malicious nature of the five editors towards Amanda, nor do I wash my hands of Amanda’s shortcomings. I understand that during the last deadline before Weiss chose “in-chief” Amanda was overbearing in her attempt to prove her abilities as a leader. Unfortunately, this tactic backfired.

I just don’t understand why it so easy for others to cling to negativity, dwell on the past, and hope for the worst. I choose not to dwell on the negative aspects of different personalities. And I think Amanda will prove everyone wrong, simply because it’s in her nature to be defiant. I know she can turn things around because I know her better than anyone else, and she loves this paper more than anything else… except our friendship, of course.

Missed last night's Paper premiere? Watch and decide for yourself whether Cassia's got a point.