Giana and Trevor React to 'The Paper' Premiere

Just about anyone who's had a steamy, high school relationship can relate to Giana and Trevor, the two Circuit staffers attached at the hip/lip. While they both have similar interests, their perspectives often vary for the simple fact that he's a dude and she's a chick. That's why each week they'll be sharing their sides of the story -- how they remember things happening before their lives went public on The Paper. Here's a first crack at it:


He Said: First, let me clear one thing up: I am not as big of an ass as it looks. There were reasons for my distaste with Amanda and soon you'll see the other side of that feud. It takes someone special to really get under my skin, and I rarely go off like I did. Amanda had her share of bad words for me as well, so I stand by everything I ever said. Anyway, I obviously would have had the editor selections looking a lot differently. All of the contenders had their strengths and weaknesses, but most important for the position of editor-in-chief is leadership. And I don't think leadership is a quality that can be learned. For the top two in command, my picks would have been Giana and Alex. They would have made a great team. Clearly though, the most important position of all is layout editor, which belongs to yours truly. Lastly, Reed’s reaction to getting sports editor was priceless, Dan is the funniest kid ever, and the next couple of episodes should prove to be even juicier.

She Said: Amanda and I were good friends dating back to the eighth grade. She went to my sister’s bat mitzvah and I went to her brother’s bar mitzvah. She was in the “VIP” limo at my Sweet 16. We were always close friends, and believe it or not, we still had some form of that relationship during the first episode. What people should know is that I didn’t hate Amanda. And you can see by the talk we had that I was trying to help her understand what we all felt and why we thought she wasn’t right for the position.

Although I didn’t want Amanda to be editor-in-chief, I thought I could help her realize the preconceived notions people had about her. While many of you can and should feel sympathy for her during the first episode, what you also need to understand is that the rest of us weren’t jealous. We simply didn’t have the respect for her that was necessary to be a good leader. Like I said in the episode, she would tell me that she was smarter than me. When I got a position in a competition, she told me the only reason I received it was because she couldn’t participate. While these remarks may have been made in an attempt to defend herself or boost her self esteem, it was done so with a great lack of maturity. And it was during the first episode that I made one last effort before I gave up on our friendship, as well as helping her be the leader we all wanted to run our paper. I didn’t feel she was a bad person or that her intentions weren’t good; but because she couldn’t fully understand our feelings, we didn’t believe she would be able to work with us.