Adam from 'The Paper' Means Business

On tonight's premiere episode of The Paper, Adam had to sum up his passion for journalism in under 500 words. And tonight, I gave him the assignment of summing up the state of journalism in under 250. Luckily I wasn't around to see him stress out -- if you watched the show, you know anxiety is contagious among The Circuit crew. Read below for Adam's highly pissy op-ed on the Britneyfication of America...


Every Sunday morning when I'm on my break at work, I open up the most recent edition of Time, Newsweek, or any other chronicle in arms distance away. Over the past few months, I have grown accustomed to look at the front page and see a recent mugshot of a celebrity dealing with either a DUI or some sort of sex scandal. It is sad to see such prestigious sources succumb to the pressures of society and have Pulitzer Prize-winning writers report on Britney Spears' recent car accident in Los Angeles. At the beginning of the Democratic and Republican primaries earlier this year, the front page of most magazines were covering the custody of Britney Spears’ children instead of focusing on the candidates’ platforms and their campaign strategies. But I shouldn't be so hard on these magazines and news sources. I mean, they mention the crisis in the Middle East all the way down at the corner right next to the little box that mentions the most anticipated Presidential Election this country has ever experienced.

If these so-called "celebrities" want to make the cover of such accredited sources, they should do something that will benefit America and those who look up to them.