More Montag Than Ever Before


On tonight's episode of The Hills, Heidi went a little psycho when she saw Spencer sipping shots with some random girls. I spoke with Heidi after her TRL appearance today and she admitted how difficult it can be to work out relationship issues on camera. "It's what I signed up for. It's not the easiest thing in the world, but I deal with it." On watching the conflict between her and Spencer after it's long passed, Heidi commented, "It's not fun to relive those moments." Hope she wasn't snuggling with Spencer while watching that bar fight. Or the car fight. Man, those two can really fight.

Another moment she's not fond of reliving? Finding out that LC had befriended Stephanie Pratt. "I just think it's so crazy that Lauren wants to be friends with Stephanie, who's Spencer's sister, but she doesn't want to be friends with me. It's the craziest situation I've ever heard of. I mean, I don't understand why she wants to be part of our lives so much. Lauren could have gone and done her own thing, but she's trying to hold on."