Heidi Montag Steps to the Mic on 'TRL'

Heidi Montag made MTV history on Monday's TRL when she freestyled for Nelly. He gave her an "A for Effort." When I spoke with Heidi after the show, she defended her rap by saying, "I just like to have fun and joke around a lot. The Hills shows [me] being very serious, but I'm goofy. I mean, I just rapped on TRL."

Just like LC will forever be known as the girl who didn't go to Paris, Heidi will now be known as the girl who went superfly on Live TV.

P.S.Remember when I wondered aloud whether Heidi gets daily blowouts? According to her, it's not an everyday thing, but it's definitely often. "I give all the credit to my hairstylist, Les." When I asked for a lock of it to keep in my cubicle, she politely declined.