Heidi Montag Hits the Stage


On Friday in Hollywood, Heidi Montag debuted her fashion line, Heidiwood by Anchor Blue. MTV News was on the scene and managed to snap some sweet shots of Heidi taking the stage.

I spoke to Heidi before her TRL appearance today, and she said the show was a blast: "Fashion is fun!" Heidi listed Missoni, John Galliano, Tom Ford and Chanel as her favorite designers, though today she was sporting a Heidiwood original navy and white striped dress, paired with black patent stilettos that had the teeny-weeny glamour girl towering over me.

MTV News also reported that Spencer decided to pop on stage with pink roses and a big, fat, wet one. Heidi told me that his sweet gesture is nothing new: "Whenever he picks me up at the airport, he always has flowers. Even if I just say, 'I'm thirsty,' he'll run over with water. He's just the most thoughtful person."

When isn't Spencer so thoughtful? "Only when he leaves the toilet seat up -- but he's getting better at that now."