The Meat: Unleashing the Alien

On tonight's Rob and Big, poor Meaty got caught in a headlock by his tweaked out dad... He's since gained his composure and is ready to tell his side of the story...

See that pretty young thing below? That's what happens to a dude when his dad is bored. I swear, one minute we were playing catch, the next he's massaging my jowls and turning me inside out. And Big, like he's ever any help. He fetches for Rob better than I do.


Just once I'd like to see how those guys would handle a day in the life of Meaty. What if they didn't have all their big toys to play with, forced to survive on just a tennis ball? Such is my life, but I guess I shouldn't complain... While the guys were away in Cancun, I spent all the emergency money on kitty porn and wine coolers.