Thank God 'That's' Over

On tonight's That's Amore season finale, Kim and Megan got to visit Domenico's homeland, "one of the most romantic countries in the world."

Perhaps the most romantic part of their Italian vacay was when Dom and Megan stopped by the town butcher to pick up some delicious swine dinner.


Or maybe it was when Domenico's grandpa beheaded the following night's entree.


It's a good thing Kim packed her fake eyelashes and four-inch stiletto boots -- Domenico's family was overjoyed to meet a real, "classic, American girl," with such signature physical attributes as silicone boobs, synthetic hair, and acrylic nails. And Acquaro was quite the exclusive community, boasting magical displays of bootleg fireworks, sacred donkeys, and the world's largest elephant ears.

I sure am gonna miss watching the girls call each other "whoreface." But that's about all.