It's Showtime at 'Rock the Cradle'!


Wow, the LIVE premiere got off to an awesome start, with Jesse Money rockin' the stage first. She won a thumbs up from dear-ole-dad, Eddie Money, but judge Larry Rudolph questioned whether or not she has that "special something." So, I guess we now know who the Simon of this show will be... I'm hoping Belinda Carlisle brings it Paula Abdul-style -- be on the lookout for bad jewelry, tons of tears, and slurred speech.

Landon Brown didn't get such swell remarks from the judges, but father Bobby offered up a big I wuv you, which surely softened the blow.

And speaking of softies, Olivia Newton-John looked like she went into contractions while her daughter Chloe Lattanzi sang on stage. And although Belinda awarded Chloe an almost perfect score (secret aunt?), Larry Ruin-It-All equated Chloe's performance to something he'd seen in a high-school talent show. Ouch.


I'm watching Lucy Walsh belt out Don Henley right now. She's got good hair. I sure hope she doesn't get called out for being a Gwen copycat.

Wicked psyched to see who's up next. During the break I need to Google "Ryan Devlin." Seacrest's love child?