Nothin' Like a Good F You


Trimming the fat and general bitchassness were popular themes throughout last night's Gauntlet III Reunion. Diddy would be so proud. Big Easy defended his big body, yet some of the Vets were still sore about that $300K (ahem, Ev). Coral also defended her, um, boobs with a peep show and about a zillion "f*cks," "s*its," and "b*tches." Katie was a close second in the swearing olympics.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the evening was the "Where Are They Now?" roundup of Mexico hookups: While Frank and Jillian are still America's Most Boring Couple, and Brad and Tori are still up in each other's grill, there were a fair share of relationship R.I.P.'s... CT and Diem: Done! Johanna and Wes: Done! Brooke and Ev: Done!

One "relationship" that went under the radar? Rachel and Big Easy, caught with their pants down by the camera crew. Cuz even quitters need love.