Overheard on The Gauntlet III Finale:

Eric in the ER

“I could bench press two of these guys.” – Danny, right before losing the Ball Brawl to Adam.

“I’ll drown you.” – CT to Big Easy, as he floated like a dead fish in the ocean.

“I can’t breathe.” – Big Easy to the rest of the chain gang, as they dragged him through the dirt.

“Let him choke on his own vomit.” – anonymous.

“The guy’s weeble-wobbling all over the place.” – Brad, in an attempt to knock some sense into the rest of his team.

“This is costing us $300,000!” – Ev

“This is the worst thing that’s ever happened in my life.” – Frank, on thinking he’s lost the game to the Veterans. He didn’t. Big Easy never made it across the finish line.