Viva Las Vegas


Since the summer, me and my dad have been on such weird terms. We’ve gotten into stupid arguments over nothing and I know that’s not a good place to be. My dad totally agrees, so in the last few months it’s been like we called a truce. My dad’s been getting spiritual and reading a lot of inspirational books and that’s even been rubbing off on me. Things with us are pretty chill now and remind me of the days before the divorce when we got along better. Seeing my dad so focused and trying to keep calm is definitely inspiring (we can both have pretty bad tempers). So with all this work he’s been doing on himself and that we’ve been doing to keep our relationship going good, it really hit me when my dad told me he and Christi broke up.

Last year, I didn’t react that well to dad’s new girlfriend, Christi saying she loved me. I kinda freaked. The good thing about this show is people can see what my real life is like. But a bad thing is what I do and say is like, out there forever. And you know I’ve chilled on Christi since last summer, mainly because I got to know her and plus my dad was really happy with her.

blog_140.jpgNo matter what kinds of struggles my dad and me have gone through, I only want him to be happy and she made him happy. So hearing that they were a done deal bummed me out. Taking Dad somewhere where he could just forget about his problems seemed like a good idea. I knew he’d been wanting this tattoo for a while. One of his favorite tattoo guys is at Hart & Huntington in the Palms Hotel, so it was easy to hit up Vegas for a quick trip. That tattoo he got was so symbolic and it meant a lot to me to be there while he was getting it done. Jime, the tattoo artist, let me do part of the “Y” on my dad’s arm and that was pretty cool. My dad’s sitting there just texting away on his iPhone while Jime makes sure it’s okay for me to do the line. He didn’t seem to care that my hands were shaking. What would have happened if I messed up? I pulled off those gloves and my hands were just sweating. Even with that drama, it was so hard just sitting there for like, five hours while my dad got his tattoo. I wanted another one so bad. I have this idea to get praying hands like my dad, but I’m thinking of getting them over my heart. The timing’s not right for me to get one right now. Maybe soon though…

Part of the original Vegas plan was to golf because the city has the sickest courses, but the rain kept us off the green. So, we ended up doing something even better. We went indoor skydiving which my dad had never done before. It was intense. Before you fly, you take this class and learn these hand signals from the flight instructor. Then you get in this circular room with this giant fan that’s in the floor and you lay on top of this netting over the fan. Once that fan was going (which was LOUD by the way), it starts pushing you up in the air and you’re basically flying. Then we could jump into the air stream and do flips and other cool stuff. The guy helped us ride it by telling us with those hand signals when to bend our legs and straighten them. We each got to go two times and it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. And my dad had fun too. He already wants to go again but next time we’ll bring Shane and Kane.