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Even Ben Carson Thinks Ben Carson's Rap Ad Is Lame

Guess he only partly approved that message.

Ben Carson dropped a rap ad called "Freedom" yesterday. People called it everything from "utterly ridiculous" to "a 'Veep' storyline that was trashed for being stupid." And not even a full day later, Carson tried to distance himself from the whole thing.

"There are people in the campaign who felt that that was a good way to do things and, you know, they're entitled to their opinions," Carson said yesterday, according to CNN. "I support them in doing that, but you know I probably would have taken a little different approach."

Why That's Surprising: The ad, which you can hear below, features an "I'm Ben Carson and I approve this message" soundbite. Apparently, that was only half a co-sign.

Why That's Not Surprising: Ben Carson sounds like he hates hip-hop.

The "Freedom" rap was done by a dude named Aspiring Mogul (not kidding). He's a Republican MC who loves Carson so much, he doesn't mind that the presidential hopeful's not super into his rhymes.

"When I made the song, I didn’t think about whether he was into rap or not," Aspiring told Vulture. "I thought, I’m a rapper, and this is how I feel, and I just said it. I don’t look it as any form of pandering because whether or not he liked it, I still wrote it because I felt this represents me.”

Aspiring wants to drop a longer song titled "Ben Carson 2016" later this month. Not sure if Carson will be bumpin' that one, either.