The Walking Dead' Is Reportedly Casting Its Biggest Villain Yet

Run and hide, Alexandria -- he's coming.

First, the bad news: it looks like things are about to get a whole lot worse for the folks in Alexandria, Virginia on "The Walking Dead," since the series is reportedly ready to cast the biggest bad ever from Robert Kirkman's comic books: Negan.

However, the good news is that former "Deadwood" star Garret Dillahunt -- you know, the terrifying AF bad guy who murdered an entire brothel? -- may or may not nab the part, as he revealed in a telling stream of Tweets on Friday (November 6).

Rumors of Dillahunt playing Negan began hitting the interwebs on Tuesday, when the "Mindy Project" actor teased on Instagram that he was reading some Negan-centric "Dead" material, "just cause."

Of course, Dillahunt's tweets clarify that he hasn't landed the part of Negan just yet, but it does reveal that the show is currently casting the part -- which means we just might be seeing him sooner in Season 6 than we'd initially thought. Which is cool and all, but with Wolves, walkers, Glenn's mysterious fate, and Rick Grimes' hygiene already tormenting the Alexandrians, do we really need another bad guy making it worse?

Yes, yes we do. Bring it on, Negan!

(AMC declined MTV News' request for comment.)